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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Creative Badass Code of Conduct RULES

The Creative Badass Code of Conduct

1.        Write the change you want to see in the world.

2.       Why face reality when you can create your own and take others there with you?

3.       Go where the pleasure and the pain is.

4.      People will say what they will about your talents. Ignore it, and go ahead with your dreams. They weren’t given the dream, you were.

5.       Rather than writing what you know, write about what you want to know.

6.      Design your own universe as you go along.  When that’s done, go ahead with the revisions and other details.

7.       Avoid “patronizing” your readers, or “dumbing down” anything. If you lower your standards,  then you stand to lose respect from any potential audience. Respect your readers’ intelligence and ability to figure things out as they enjoy your story.

8.      Allow the story to take you where it will. It’s got a mind of its own and it has an important message, or a fascinating journey for you to take .

9.      Constructive criticism is valuable when taken from people who know what they’re doing and who can see the spots you can improve.

10.    Do it …………because you can!

An Unlikely Source of Inspiration

Call centers, who would have given them credit for being sources for inspiration?  As it turns out, those who own, operate, and are employed by them can find a fertile ground for creating believable characters in everyday life. Even the barrage of customers and potential leads via the telephone can give us an insight into a cross section of humanity! Are they, in fact, a suitable habitat for budding authors, and wordsmiths? I would say so, For  I have done my share of working the contact center circuit, and found all sorts of scenarios, characters, and interactions. I came, I saw, I did my job. I was inspired.  Most of my work experience lies within the walls of many of the city’s call centers. But my heart and mind belong to the written word, and I do possess some experience in the areas of writing, proofreading, generating ideas and creative names and slogans for products. Every job I’ve had has its own story, and all of them have presented me with various opportunities to be both a scribe and a conduit for them.

Moreover, the positions I held honed my ability with the written word.  Yes, both written and spoken words were present, or should I say omnipresent , when one is employed to use words to sell a product, a service, a vacation spot, an idea, or even to engage the contact in friendly, non-biased conversation in order to derive an opinion from him/her for market research purposes.  As in service based jobs, one needs to be creative in coming up with an answer right away.  Words also have their own way of manipulating someone’s reactions when upset. Empathy goes a long way when assisting a client. One conveys empathy with one’s choice of words. As well, the imagination factor allows one to feel as the other speaking to you feels, and how their situation or problem affected them.


Procrastination, ah, in other words, the art of putting off today what you can do ....later. How much later? I'll figure that out sometime today, or tonight, or perhaps even the day after tomorrow. Maybe by next Christmas, I'll have the answer figured out.  Hmmm.  Sounds about right.  But let my ramblings on the sacred art of putting things off begin.

 Firstly, one usually procrastinates for various reasons to avoid doing various necessary or important things , which usually fall into the category between "mildly annoying" to  "painful" or "revolting" Now, there is the wherefore and why of it all.  Let's move on to the "how" or we could discuss this later, as the dog needs walking, the laundry needs to be done, and there's a mah jong game on the computer is just asking to be played and oh, there's a re-run of Star Trek Deep Space 9 on just now.

Now that I've illustrated my point on the why and how, let's move on to the justification for procrastination, shall we?  For one thing, we stress the lack of importance or urgency: Oh, those dishes will still be there tomorrow, won't they? I can get to them then. Of course, but shall I point out that the water in the dish pan with be ice cold and greasy, the soap bubbles long gone having lost the battle against the unidentifiable particles hardening on the porcelain surfaces of the dishes and sticky metal utensils?  Sigh. Yep, that is one such example.  Let's talk about another.

The lawn won't need to be mowed for a while.  Easy to say when the green green grass of home is still relatively short. But by next week, it will have grown.  Let two weeks go by, and it will begin to have acquired split ends not unlike a messy hairdo. Another week sees it grow into a veritable jungle and a hiding place for all manner of things including discarded candy wrappers, lost baseballs and dog droppings.  Let me say one thing, eeeewwwwwwww!!

I am sensing that you, by now have gotten the point so far.  Or, maybe not.  Maybe you'll decide to put off reading this and head straight for the fridge where the leftover pizza is, making a mental note to dispose of the box another time.  Either way, I have some more to say on the subject of procrastination...AND IT IS NOT GOING TO WAIT!

Deadlines can be stressful. I should know, I've had many of them during my lifetime both for work and school, even in my home life.  They can be a proverbial pain in the derriere and sometimes intimidating and unattainable.  But in the end, they are good for us. The structure around which we build a goal. A measuring stick for our progress, the routine and rules that keep us from lapsing into a slovenly, mediocre existence. But if we know that certain things need to be done at a certain time, we grab up our proverbial socks, kick ourselves ever so gently in the butt and move towards the required achievement. Even if it is only dishes.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Greetings from Planet Lisa!

Well just let me say how happy I am to be here, and I want to thank all those who made it possible, you know who you are, give yourselves a great, big hand! Love you all! Keeping it surreal, lovely people!